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As a Disability Needs Expert, I prepare reports in respect of the accommodation needs of people who have suffered injury or trauma and who are seeking compensation through the Courts. I can work with lawyers and companies and as an expert witness to offer testimony on the adaptations within a property for disabled people and have designed and managed construction and alteration projects for disabled clients and their families.

Disability Need Expert

I am governed by the requirements of the Civil Procedure Rules which set out the duties of an Expert Witness, which are:

  • To assist the Court

  • To give an impartial opinion

  • Not to make a judgement which is for the Court

  • To attend Court as a witness if required

Disability Need Reports

My detailed reports are tailored to the specific accommodation needs of my clients depending on their circumstances, but can include:

  • Assessing the long-term accommodation needs of claimants

  • Surveying existing accommodation

  • Evaluating accommodation options

  • Preparing existing and proposed layout plans to best meet the needs of disabled individuals

  • Providing designs, obtaining approvals, specifying the adapted & extended or purpose-built work, including specialised equipment & fittings to meet the claimant's specific needs

  • Assessment of the need for alternative accommodation and the likely cost of providing that accommodation together with any necessary adaptation and equipment

How I Can Help

I can provide independent advice and perform a 'disability assessment’, considering the adaptations necessary/practical to assist persons with physical motion disabilities, to help you comply with building regulations and project manage from start to finish. I am a Disability Living Foundation, Level 4 Trusted Assessor and also a member of The Access Association, a national association dedicated to access and inclusive design in the UK and a member of the Design In Mental Health Network, for people who have an interest in the design of mental health facilities.

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I take pride in providing a service that is uniquely tailored to the needs of each client, approaching each and every set of instructions with absolute integrity, care and competence. I also ensure that my work is consistently conducted in accordance with the highest professional and ethical standards.

To explore more about the professional services that I can offer you or your business please contact me.

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