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Condition Surveys

Condition surveys establish the current condition of a building and anticipate the future maintenance a building will require. They can be used to create a planned maintenance schedule with budgeted costs and timings, avoiding expensive reactive maintenance. As a result, they can prove to be a valuable investment, bringing you peace of mind.

A detailed inspection identifies a building’s current condition, including any immediate maintenance required. Analysing the various aspects of the property, I then produce a detailed report of what future repairs you can expect to complete and when. A condition survey can also allow you to identify preventative maintenance, saving costs in the long term. It can establish a building’s suitability for extension or modification, should that be part of your plans.

Adequately maintaining a property is vital, whether you are an individual homeowner, an occupier who needs to maintain a building in accordance with a lease, or an investor. It protects the future value of your asset.

A condition survey includes a visual inspection of all the key areas inside and outside of a property, including:

  • Roofs, windows, doors, and floors

  • Heating, ventilation, water, telecoms, and data

  • Sewage, drainage, asbestos, and fire safety

Each element is given a current condition rating:

  • 3: Defects that are serious and/or need to be repaired, replaced, or investigated urgently

  • 2: Defects that need repairing or replacing but are not considered to be either serious or urgent

  • 1. No repair is currently needed

A priority and timescale are identified for when remedial work may be required to address any current defects and prevent or resolve future defects as they arise.

Stock Condition Surveys

Local authorities, housing associations, and other social landlords should conduct regular stock condition surveys. These can be used to create planned schedules of maintenance and inform housing management. By identifying properties at greater risk of issues such as damp or excessive sound transmission, you can take early action and protect tenants’ health. It is also important to provide evidence of compliance with the Government’s ‘Decent Home Standard’. Condition surveys are usually completed every 3-5 years.

How I Can Help

As a professional Building Surveyor with over 13 years of industry experience, I can meet the surveying requirements of a wide range of private, public, commercial, and ecclesiastical clients. If you would like to discuss a potential project or get advice on any aspect of condition surveying, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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I take pride in providing a service that is uniquely tailored to the needs of each client, approaching each and every set of instructions with absolute integrity, care and competence. I also ensure that my work is consistently conducted in accordance with the highest professional and ethical standards.

To explore more about the professional services that I can offer you or your business please contact me.

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