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As a professional Building Surveyor with over 13 years industry experience, I can meet the surveying requirements of a wide range of private, public, commercial and ecclesiastical clients. I offer a combination of cost-effective services, blending traditional professionalism and expertise  with modern methods and technology, across a diverse range of projects including:

Condition Surveys

Condition surveys are often used as the basis to complete a planned schedule of the maintenance for a building, with a budgeted cost and timings. My detailed inspection establishes a building’s condition, the maintenance required immediately and when future repairs should be anticipated. My clients find my condition surveys a valuable investment, as they anticipate a building’s maintenance and the associated financial commitment required, rather than far more expensive reactive maintenance.

Defect Analysis

Through detailed investigation and exploratory work using the latest equipment including infra-red technology I can identify the cause of building defects in both commercial and residential properties and make recommendations for remedial work. Inspections can be in relation to specific defects, through to a building inspection of an entire building. I can provide advice on the cost of works, which gives my clients the comfort of the anticipated level of expenditure for the repair works.

Building Pathology

Building pathology considers how the structure and materials of a building relate to its environment, occupants, and the way the building is used, to develop a better understanding of building failures. In other words, I identify why things have gone wrong – which could vary from a single issue to a number of combined reasons. This insight into what elements have failed, and possibly compounded by each other, helps my clients identify and understand the defects, causes and remedies.

Measured Building Surveys

Using a mixture of traditional survey methods and the latest technology I can use Measured Building Surveys to produce accurate internal floor plans, sections, structural details and external elevations of buildings. The level of detail to be surveyed and the method of data capture will vary depending on the purpose of the survey – outputs can range from floor plans to a detailed 3D model. Whether you are looking to re-develop, extend, apply for planning permission, I can create a survey to benefit you.

Sustainable Design

As part of any project, I can draw up detailed lists of sustainable materials to be used during the development. This can include reusing existing buildings to reduce costs and build time, designing for minimum waste, avoiding over-specification, minimising energy use in construction, avoiding energy-intensive materials and preserving the natural environment.

Quinquennial Surveys (Ecclesiastical)

Most churches and chapels in the UK are inspected 'quinquennially', that is to say, every five years. The Church of England introduced quinquennial inspections as a statutory requirement in 1955 and dioceses are required to maintain a fund to pay for them. I also carry out surveys for historic buildings of other religious faiths that may have and need to adopt a similar approach to inspections. A Quinquennial Survey identifies any repairs necessary and also gives an overview of how best to budget for and carry out these repairs based on their urgency.

How I Can Help

If you would like to discuss a potential project or get advice on any aspect of building surveying, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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I take pride in providing a service that is uniquely tailored to the needs of each client, approaching each and every set of instructions with absolute integrity, care and competence. I also ensure that my work is consistently conducted in accordance with the highest professional and ethical standards.

To explore more about the professional services that I can offer you or your business please contact me.

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